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Ahmed Kadri

Reasons to work with me : fast professional delivery, reasonable Prices, free of bugs products, efficiently coded and reliable algorithms, after-sale services and customer support, the Full ownership of the product and the source code, discounts for you next orders.

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1-2 years
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Skilled MQL4 Developer; AVAILABLE

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Mike (24.10.2018) MORE CLARIFIED VERSION This is a simple EA that allows me to open a trade manually. But the EA will calculate whenhow the trade is closed automatically (by EA) using the following parameters: a) SL - Use ATR to determine SL (make this hardwired, no modification option in tings) b) T/P - Use ATR to determine TP (make this hardwired, no modification option in tings) c) Partial Close @ 50 of ATR T/P d) At 75 of ATR T/P, breakeven PLUS 1 pip (move s/l to breakeven 1) e) allow me to enter MAX spread allowed to open a trade f) allow me to enter MAX slippage That’s it. Please send quote