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Price Alert is a MetaTrader indicator which produces sound signals when the price hits certain levels set by traders. There are three types of signals: the first one goes off when the price runs over a set level (it is depicted on the chart as a green line); the second signal rings when the price goes lower than a set level (a red line on the chart); the third one is activated in case of the price hitting a set level (a yellow line). All the signals are automatically switched off after activation, but they can be switched on again at setting new levels. If you use a service of receiving signals by e-mail, please, remember to adjust a SMTP server and specify you e-mail address in the settings window of your MetaTrader platform. Entry parameters: SoundWhenPriceGoesAbove (0.0 by default) — if the price rises over this value there is a signal produced. SoundWhenPriceGoesBelow (0.0 by default) — if the price falls lower than this value, the signal is actuated. SoundWhenPriceIsExactly (0.0 by default) — if the price hits this particular value the signal goes off. SendEmail (false by default) — if it is set to be true and e-mailing is properly adjusted in the window of MetaTrader settings, then the signal will be also sent to your e-mail address. This indicator should not be regarded as an explicit call for action, since it does not produce any signals to buy or sell. You can use it if you need a notification of certain levels having been hit. You can also apply it for working on the market. To switch off some signals just leave the corresponding signal unchanged at the zero level.

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