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BB MACD – indicator based on the classic indicator MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence); price change indicator assesses the strength of the current trend and helps to determine the main points of trend reversal. This indicator, consisting of two lines (blue and red), is displayed in a separate window of the chart. At the moment of the trend change green and red points are plotted at the graph. Alteration of the color is a major precondition of future buy or sell signal, and the width of gap between the lines indicates the strength of the current trend. Parameters used in this indicator: FastLen (by default = 12) – a period of fast moving average (moving average with the smallest parameter) which used in calculations of this indicator. SlowLen (by default = 26) – a period of slow moving average (moving average with the highest period), which used in calculations of the indicator. Length (by default = 10) – a period of moving average and standard divergence of the indicator, which is used for drawing the lines of the indicator. barsCount (by default = 400) – maximal quantity of bars in the chart used in calculations (not really important parameter, a trader can set it in his/her own discretion). StDv (by default = 2.5) – multiplier mass for standard divergence of the indicator.

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