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One of the most successful creations of Fibonacci indicator is FiboCalc. Functions of Fibonacci Indicator FiboCalc_v31: - Day prices High and Low. - Previous days prices High and Low - Trend direction (Trend was down / Trend was up) - The desired sales level - Stop Loss setting level - 3 targets of profit taking. How to Interpret the Fibonacci Indicator FiboCalc_v31. 1 As soon as the price fixed below the previous day Closing price/ Prev. Day Close. As a rule, it happens by the end of the Asian session prior to the start of the European one. 2. The Indicator shows the Sell level, from which point you can start selling. 3. The chart also displays the Stop Loss level. 4. Profit Target 1, Profit Target 2, Profit Target 3 - targets which the part of positions can be closed at. Parameters of Fibonacci Indicator FiboCalc - The previous day closing level/ Prev.Day Close - golden color. Minimal day price/ Day Low - maroon color. - The previous day opening price/ Prev.Day Open - yellow color Maximal day price/ Day High - dark green In the settings the indicator color can be changed at your own discretion.

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