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Graphic calculator The indicator was created for calculation of orders. Draw three lines in the chart – OPEN, STOP and PROFIT and move them to the levels at which you plan to open (OPEN) an order, set StopLoss (STOP) and TakeProfit (PROFIT), respectively. If there are no such lines in the chart, the indicator will draw them automatically near the current market price. Choose the volume of a deal, which you plan to open, in the indicator’s settings (calc_lots) and the size of commission (comision) for Futures and CFD instruments, if it is Futures or CFD deal (commission in dollars per 1 lot for Futures, and percent per a share for Contract For Difference). 1 lot of CFD equals 100 shares, so you should set 100 in the field of parameter stock_in_lot. If profit of some instruments is calculated in euro or British pound (FDAX, FTSE), the forex pairs EURUSD or GBPUSD, respectively, should be displayed in the Market Watch window, thus the rate of the appropriate forex pair will be automatically taken for calculations. It is similar for the cross rates XXXYYY – the major currency pairs USDYYY should be added to the Market Watch (for example, the USDJPY pair should be added to the Market Watch window for calculation of a deal with the GBPJPY pair). After you move the STOP and PROFIT lines to the necessary positions, the indicator will automatically calculate the sizes of profit, loss and support margin (needed for the chosen number of lots), measured in the US dollars, display them in the upper left corner of the chart and draw the stop-out line. If you move the lines in the chart, the indicator will recalculate the results.

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